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Privacy Statement

This privacy policy states when you visit Bullseye (website, apps, etc), how Bullseye collect and partly use your information including Bullseye (called "website"). Please read this privacy policy to know how we deal with your information. Bullseye collect all the personal registeration information through this website according to this privacy policy. The data that is used to recognize your identification information( collected information including email address or phone numer) and some personal identification information fromtthe third party.=

Users can use the relevant functions of websites when this privacy agreement is agreed. We promise your personal information will not be leaked. For some functions of the website, you may need to provide your personal identification information. We only collect the personal identification information that Bullseye needs. With your permission, according to the privacy policy and the terms of use, we are allowed to collect and use this personal identifcation information under the law. If you do not agree with this privacy policy, please do not provide any personal identification information. If you refuse to provide personal information related to the website, or you choose not to provide any nessessary personal identification information, we probably are not able to offer the services of our websites.

The information provided by users including: 1. The relevant device information used to do interative activities on Bullseye (OS, model, manufacturer, etc.). 2. The relevant browser information used to do interactives activities on Bullseye. 3. The time information, IP address and hardware information requested from the devices or browsers of users.

For convenience, we may offer some organizations ("the third party websites") which we think you are interested in except Bullseye. We will not reveal your personal identification information to these third party websites whithout your permission. We also will not be responsible to the privacy convention of these third party websites. If you choose to click the links of the third party websites, you should read the privacy policy annouced on these websites to know how they collect and use your personal identification information.

Bullseye use technical prevention to protect the personal data they own from losing, stealing and being used without authorised, by using technical methods to ensure your personal information safety. Please contact us via [email protected], if you have any complain, suggestion, question about privacy, unsolved problem or question about how we deal with personal identification information.