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The total market capitalization $201.00B
Turnover (24h) $52.82B
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Terms of serivce

welcome to apply for services provided by Bullseye. This terms is a legal contract between users and our company. please read carefully, understand and agree the terms of agreement. If you disagree this agreement, and you should not use the Bullseye. Please read the terms of serives of Bullseye. It explains and describes how Bullseye will collect and use your personal information.

Whether or not the user or someone else uses your username and password to use it, You are responsible for using of all services that using your username and password. You also are responsible for protecting your username and password from being used without authorization. If you think your username has a security problem, you should notify Bullseye, and reserves the absolute right. User are not allowed to impersonate or attempt to impersonate or exploit other users' username and passwords, this may break the law.

User may not use Bullseye to trade any illegal goods or services.

User must create an account within a username and passwords to log in Bullseye, you can create an account by E-mail and phone number. You would allow to browse Bullseye's website without logging in.

Users are fully responsible for personal account and anything related information. Meanwhile, users cannot transfer, sell your account without the permission of Bullseye.

Bullseye committe to provides professional information services, but does not guarentee investors to earn any profits, and does not share any investment incomes or loss. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and investors need to be cautious.

Bullseye which posted on, is including text reports, images, and voices. Videos, images, logos, signs, advertisements, brands, trade names, domain names, software, programs, layouts, and any or all information provided to registered users are owned and use by Bullseye. Any media, website or individual is not allowed to reprint, extract or use the above contents in other way, without any written authorization of the relevant author. If it has been authorized or agreed , it should be used within the scope of authorization or consent, and indicate the sources from. If this statement is violated, Bullseye will be held for its related legal responsibilities.

Bullseye has the final decision to change, add or remove some terms at any time. Bullseye will inform users the changes of terms in advance and notice to all users in paper if necessary. After receiving the notification, users is responsible for checking the revised terms. If the users continue to use Bullseye after the term is announced, it means that amendations to these terms are accepted and agreed that services of Bullseye must be used following the terms.